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Meet the PI

Junwei Shi

Assistant Professor of

Cancer Biology

Education and Training

B.S. (Biotechnology) Sun Yat-Sen University (China), 2008

Ph.D. (Molecular and Cellular Biology) Stony Brook University, SUNY, 2016

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Lab Members: About Me

Lab Members

Diqiu Ren

Postdoc (2019 - )

We know aberrant lineage programs in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) require multiple epigenetic pathways to maintain. I am trying to identify new post-translationally modified histones as AML dependencies.

Favorite Philly Spot

TeaDo (I recommend Black Milk Tea with Bubble, half sugar!)


Qingzhou Chen


B.S. (Biotechnology) Zhejiang University of Technology, 2013

Ph.D. (Cell Biology) Peking University, 2019

I am focusing on modifying and developing screening tools based on Cas/CRISPR system. By using these screening tools, my interest is to study gene interaction (GI) at the cellular and individual level.

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Ping Wang

Postdoc (2020 - )
Co-mentorship with John Wherry

I’m interested in T cell exhaustion in cancer progression. I will apply single-cell omics and in vivo CRISPR screening method to identify the different stages of exhausted T cells and reveal some key regulatory events.

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Zhendong Cao

PhD Student (2017 - )

To be Dr. Cao soon!

The role of epigenetic regulatory proteins in promoting cancer maintenance and progression is largely underexplored. My project focuses on uncovering the essentiality of certain epigenetic factors in leukemia. By validating the dependency of these factors for the maintenance of acute myeloid leukemia, we are able to define new potential therapeutic avenues for this disease.

Favorite Philly Spot

Philadelphia Magic Gardens


Bianca Pingul

PhD Student (2019 - )

Dissecting transcriptional and epigenetic addictions in AML. Developing a controlled CRISPR platform for inducible gene editing in primary AML cells.

Favorite Philly Spot

Wissahickon Valley Park

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Roopsha Bandopadhyay

PhD Student (2021 - )
Co-mentorship with Rahul Kohli

Temporal and spatial control of CRISPR base editing in mammalian cells.

Favorite Philly Spots

Cira Green, the lobster tank at John Yi Fish Marke

Roopsha Bandopadhyay_pic.jpg

Kurtis McCannell

PhD Student (2022 - )

Project in the works!

Favorite Philly Spot

Wissahickon Valley Park


Yuqiao Liu

Research Specialist

All kinds of CRISPR screens in AMLs.

Favorite Philly Spot

Philadelphia Museum of Art


Deb Sneddon

Administrative Coordinator


Deb Sneddon_headshot.jpg
Lab Members: Team Members

Lab Alumni

Lab Members: List

Eri Arai

Research Specialist

Caroline Bartman

Collaborator, now Postdoc at Princeton University

Krista Budinich

Research Specialist, now PhD Student at the University of Pennsylvania

Emily Duffner

Research Specialist, now Medical Student at Thomas Jefferson University

Rodrigo Gier

Research Specialist, now PhD Student at the University of Pennsylvania

Sydney Shaffer

Postdoc, now Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania

Zhuoyu Wen

Undergraduate Research Assistant, now PhD student at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Elizabeth Freilich

Research Specialist

Nik Evitt

MD/PhD Student, now Scientist at Switch Bioworks

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